Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ajaan Lee On Vipassana-Nyana (Insight Knowledge)

"Now when we see inconstancy- that all things fashioned, whether within us or without, are undependable; when we see that they're stressful; when we see that they're not our self, that they simply whirl around in and of themselves: When we gain these insights, we can put down our burdens, i.e. let go of our attachments. We can put down the past- i.e. stop dweling in it. We can let go of the future- i.e. stop yearning for it. We can let go of the present-  i.e. stop claiming it as the self.  Once we've let our burdens fall, we can walk with a light step. We can even dance. We're beautiful. Wherever we go, people will be glad to know us. Why? Because we're not encumbered. Whatever we do, we can do with ease. We can walk, run, dance, and sing- all with a light heart. We're Buddhism's beauty, a sight for sore eyes, graceful wherever we go. No longer burdened, no longer encumbered, we can be at our ease. This is vipassana-nyana."

(This is the final paragraph of Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo's Keeping The Breath in Mind.)