Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zen At Auschwitz Epilogue

My Dad called today to tell me that he had shared the story of Alan Morinis' anger at Roshi Glassman's retreats at Auschwitz with his parents. This surprised me because his parents, Myer and Rya Gindin, are Holocaust survivors who spent WW2 in hiding in Europe. Both lost many friends and family members- My grandfather's parents and twelve brothers were executed by the Nazis. I was a little apprehensive to hear their response to my defense of Roshi Glassman's Bearing Witness Retreats.
Here's how the conversation went according to my Dad:
He told them about the retreats at Auschwitz and Alan's anger at them.
Them: "What's to be angry?"
"Well, he thought the retreats were inappropriate."
"Why? It's good that non-Jews are going there. They should see. Even if he disagrees with what they're doing there, what's to be angry?"

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